On the Critical Edge of Dying-Alive—Begging the World for a Safe Passage to Escape—High-Risk Alarm and Massive Terror Alert—Ah Nauk Pyin’s Rohingya Villagers on Verge of being Burnt-Alive or Starved to Death—Experts Declare ‘Level-1 State of Emergency’.

At least 8,000 inhabitants of two remote villages (out of 5 surviving Rohingya villages of Myanmar’s Rathedaung), are encircled by armed Rakhine racialists for last several hours.

“Severely and acutely vulnerable to; either being burnt-alive or starved to death, the poor populaces are begging for a safe passage to escape the situation. Having innocent children, the disabled, the toddlers, the women and the elder people within, the area is completely cut off by the hostile Rakhine racialists. Every moment is alarming for what is meant here as ‘race against the time’. The world leaders have to come forth immediately to rescue them – right now – as a moral and humanistic imperative on the every moment that is passing on”, comments SAIRI Postdoctoral Multiversity’s P.I. on the escalating situation.

The existing scenario and the worsening humanitarian situation of these remote villages, has well-crossed to enter the phase of the technically declaration of a ‘Level-1 State of Emergency’, as clearly demarked during an exigent call-on consensus about one hour ago, to almost 100 postdoctoral experts of ‘peace-conflict studies’ from SAARC and ASEAN regions and senior ethnologists at SAIRI.

A Rohingya contacted by Reuters, who asked not to be named, said, Rakhine racialists came to their village and shouted:

“Leave, or we will kill you all.”

Terrified by the past magnitudes,  Maung Maung, a Rohingya official at Ah Nauk Pyin village, told Reuters by telephone:

“We’re terrified….they’re threatening to burn down our houses.”

Maung Maung protested that they had no means to escape, but the man replied:

“That’s not our problem.”


As endorsed by the human rights monitors, the independent news sources including; Reauters The Huffingpost, MSN and others, the encircled community agrees to escape, but they’re not provided with any sanctuary from the authorities to flee the situation.

According to Reuters, Maung Maung, the Rohingya official, said the villagers were submissive for leaving but the authorities had not responded to their requests for security. At night, he said, villagers had heard distant gunfire.

Maung Maung said he had called the police at least 30 times to report threats against his village.


According to Wa Lone, Andrew R.C. Marshall from Reuters:

“The situation is particularly dire in Ah Nauk Pyin and nearby Naung Pin Gyi, where any escape route to Bangladesh is long, arduous, and sometimes blocked by hostile Rakhine neighbors.

Ah Nauk Pyin sits on a mangrove-fringed peninsula in Rathedaung, one of three townships in northern Rakhine State. The villagers say they have no boats.

Until three weeks ago, there were 21 Rohingya villages in Rathedaung, along with three camps for Rohingyas displaced by previous bouts of ethnic violence. Sixteen of those villages and all three camps have since been emptied and in many cases burnt, forcing an estimated 28,000 Rohingya to flee.”


The Plea of the Hour of Humanitarian Emergency – An Open Letter by SAIRI Postdoctoral Multiversity:

“The intensely horror-prone community – the Rohingyas – the ‘stateless’ as well as ‘the restless’ beings are gravely standing, right now, on a critically perilous verge of a dreadful situation, which holds irretrievable consequences.

Should we, as a humanitarian assembly, now stand up together for the sake of these ‘dying-alive’ poor Rohingyas, in order to shake the collective conscience of the world, as well as ours own –  by voicing altogether jointly and equally?

These longsuffering ‘stateless’ entities—the Rohingyas—their desperate children—are on their knees before the collective conscience of the world—the international community—the UN, the governments and the entire humanity.

They are like us all—their lives are as precious as our lives—their small babies are like our own small kids…

We’re all inhabitants of the same planet, to which they belong. Where alongside, they’re being thrashed, beleaguered and de-humanized, their homes being burnt-down, their heads being smashed on roads, their bodies being ruined and crumpled in streets, their children being enslaved, their women being made sex-slaves—and, due to the inaccessibility to food and water they are forced to drink their own urine to survive!

And, if by now, we fail, therefore, to respond at this vulnerable hour, then there can be no more justifiable reasons for the pursuit of a humane society or for sticking to the least realms of humaneness,” begs and presages SAIRI Multiversity’s P.I. Prof Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, on behalf of poor Rohingyas caught in the encircled crackdown of Rathedaung’s remote villages.


Justice (R) Dr. S. S. Paru (L.L.D., D.Litt.)

Chancellor Emeritus : SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia.

Prof. Dr. Zafar Saied (Ph.D., D.Sc.)

Thematic Moderator: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

Former Vice Chancellor: University of Karachi.

Prof. Dr. M. Akram Chaudhry (Ph. D.)

Thematic Moderator& Oversight Officer: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

Former Vice Chancellor: University of Sargodha.

Dr. Syed Hussain Shah Jillani (Ph.D., D. Litt)

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Dr. E. M. Nawaratne (Ph. D.)

Thematic Moderator: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

J. Salik

Former Minister of Minorities, Govt. of Pakistan

Dr. Faiser N. M. (Ph. D.)

Senior Thematic Moderator: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

Prof. Dr. Lakshman Madurasinghe (Ph. D.)

Thematic Moderator: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

Prof. Dr. Umar Farooq (Ph. D.)

Thematic Moderator: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

Former Vice Chancellor: Dow University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Khalida M Khan (Ph. D.)

Thematic Moderator: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

Former UNESCO Chair at University of the Punjab

Dr. Bareera N. B.

Liaison Mediator: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

Lt. Col. (R) Azhar Saleem

Coordinating Officer: SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia

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Prior to this alert, SAIRI raised the right-time alert alarms on previous instances at the terrifying junctures.