Rohingya University for the United Nations’ Peace Studies Acclaimed by the Unequivocal Academic Unanimity-Accords from Asian & Oceanic Regions—1st UN Peace & Non-Violence Days Convergent Observance Summit Adopts Resolutions of Abundant Significance—Rohingya Holocaust Int’l Digital Repository to be Set-forth Concurrently.

United Nations’ Peace & Non-Violence Days Candidly Marked by Asia & Oceania—Epic Convergent Summit of UN Observances 2017 Divulges Unequivocal Academic Unanimity-accord to Institute Rohingya University for the United Nations’ Peace Studies, Proposed  to be Established in Dubai and Rohingya Holocaust Int’l Digital Repository to be Set-forth in Singapore.

SINGAPORE, 10/06/2017//ACI/ — An inter-regional ‘UN Peace & Non-Violence Summit’ organized by high-level postdoctoral academicians, ascribes resolutions of inordinate institutional significance.

Steered by high-profiled learned-cognoscente community of cross-regional universities, the epic summit’s prologue states that “This summit, hereby, calls for ‘dire priority considerations’ to address the ‘ever-worsening’ and ‘perpetually-escalating’ situations concerning the very reference-lines of ‘peace and violence’, that the Myanmar’s Rohingyas are facing at the every single moment of their life, under a systematic and state-sponsored ‘genocidal-persecution’ of an unprecedented type, and, a nature of its own!”.

The highly venerated academicians of Asia & Oceania Post-doctoral Academia (AOPDA), SAIRI Postdoctoral Multiversity for the United Nations SDGs Studies and SAARC-ASEAN Postdoc Academia have also earnestly appealed and entreated the world’s humane-hearted society and the learned community to sign a recently raised imperative petition by Amnesty Intl.

No need to mention, the Rohingya genocide is now academically considered to be the most humanity-shattering crisis of the recorded human history.

“Since, the UN has clearly stated for what is happening there in Myanmar is, “…a textbook example of ethnic cleansing”, the resolution to set forth both; the Rohingya University and the Repository, has been conceded, for which the upshot-finale is destined to beheld globally as a UN pledge-based premier academic ‘lectern-measure’, which is essentially meant to; determine, institutionalize, discern, coalesce and animate the academic perspectives vis-à-vis the evidence-based accounts over the problematic segments that are concerning the ongoing genocidal crack-down of the most persecuted minority upon the earth – the Rohingyas”, says the AOPDA’s reference-line thematic prologue to acclaim the Rohingya University and the Holocaust Repository.

While marking the UN days in the backdrop-milieu of annual postdoctoral appreciations (NPAW), the 2017’s ‘Peace and Non-Violence’ convergent observances candidly and unequivocally ‘marked a historic landmark’ in the wide-spectrum realms of ‘peace and non-violence’, by adopting a unanimous resolution, which acclaims ‘Rohingya University for the UN Peace Studies along with a Rohingya Holocaust Digital Repository to be established in Dubai and Singapore simultaneously.

Notably, the unanimous adoption of the resolutions to establish the Rohingya University and the Holocaust Repository came just hours before the UN Human Rights Councils Session concluded in Geneva.

During the NPAW 2017, Asia & Oceania Post-Doctoral Academia (AOPDA) extended region-wide institutional indorsements for the significant resolutions, which were drafted and steered by Abu- Mishkath Professor Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi, the P.I.H. at AOPDA and SAIRI Postdoc Multiversity. Both of the resolutions have been widely and diversely agreed upon by academicians of Asian and Oceanic regions, as well as the US, Canada and UK.

The Situation, UN Observances & Disciplinary Move:

The United Nations Int’l Peace and Non-Violence observances have got an extravagance, as the year 2017 marks the 1st convergent adherence of both of the days that they are merited for.

According to the UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/61/271 , the UN-IDNV is an occasion to “disseminate the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness”.

AOPDA’s ‘disciplinary-move’ and the grit-perseverance to acclaim the Rohingya University and Rohingya Holocaust Repository reaffirms the UN resolution “the universal relevance of the principle of non-violence” and the desire “to secure a culture of peace, tolerance, understanding and non-violence”. “It should be noted and reminisced that our disciplinary-move in lieu of the inception of the university and repository urges the world to galvanize the moral and humanistic commitments for our fellow human being passing through the hardest tests of time. It serves also as a call to the collective conscience of the world to come forth in order to make an end to the ongoing worst-case genocidal scenario, ordaining and enacting to a new Holocaust enfolding in Myanmar. At the core of the thematic baselines, the essential ethos opts to scream ‘stop the holocaust when it is going to occur – when it is happening to unleash!’. The sore reminiscences of this ongoing holocaust abets to ensure the adoption of these two resolutions” reiterates AOPDA’s P.I.

The proposed structure of the university has been outlined as follows: Suggested to have core-precincts in Dubai, the university would constrain initially to the disciplines concerning to and encompassing the very segments in relation to the ‘peace & conflict’ studies, under the UN perspectives. Over 65% of the seats are dedicated to Rohingyas, whereas the 35% of the quota would be allocated for others, coming from diverse backgrounds. In the fields of Ethnology, Anthropology and IR, the university would entail ‘Ad-Eundem’ system as well.

Justice (R) Dr. S. S. Paru, Dr. Syed Hussain Shah Jillani and Dr. Abu Said Ahmad Fraz have been nominated as the Principal Patrons of the Rohingya University.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad. Akram Chaudhary’s name has been agreed upon for the International Provost and he has been designated as the ‘Focal Person’ for establishing the university.

The names suggested for the board of directors include: Dr. Zafar Saied Saify, Dr. Habib Siddique, Dr. Bareera N. B., M. S. Salawal Salah, Dr. Muang Zarni, Dr. Khalida M. Khan and Lt. Col (R) Azhar Saleem.

The extensive, eclectic, diverse, wide-ranging and cross-boundary covenant-pledges along with the consent-accords that both of the resolutions have been rendered and solidified with, aren’t, but a direct reflection of the human solidarity and reverence for a human community that is passing through one of the hardest tests of the recorded human history.

At the culmination of marking the UN convergent observances summit, a plea was raised on behalf of the helpless Rohingyas.

The Plea of Humanitarian Emergency – An Open Letter to the Collective Conscience of the World:

“The intensely horror-prone community – the Rohingyas – the ‘stateless’ as well as ‘the restless’ beings are gravely standing, right now, on a critical and perilous verge of a dreadful situation, which holds irretrievable consequences.

Should we, as a humanitarian assembly, now stand up together for the sake of these ‘dying-alive’ poor Rohingyas, in order to shake the collective conscience of the world, as well as ours own – by voicing altogether jointly and equally?

These longsuffering ‘stateless’ entities—the Rohingyas—their desperate children—their elders—and their disables—are on their knees before the collective conscience of the world—the international community—the UN, the governments and the entire humanity—begging for their lives—looking with their horror-struck eyes for someone to rescue them…!

They are like us all—their lives are as precious as our lives—their small babies are like our own small kids…!

“We’re all inhabitants of the same planet, to which they belong too. Where alongside, they’re being thrashed, beleaguered and de-humanized—their homes being burned-down—their heads being smashed on roads—their bodies being ruined and crumpled in streets—their children being enslaved, starved to death and, at instances ‘burnt-alive’—their women being made sex-slaves—and, due to the inaccessibility to food and water it has occurred in a way that they were forced to drink their own urine to survive….!”

“How many villages are required more to be burnt down – and then our conscience would respond to the wake-up call….? – How many women are needed more to be mass-raped by the Burmese army officials….?”

“How many thousands of the ‘innocent children’ need more to be ‘burnt alive’ and beleaguered alongside the streets – for all of us to take a ‘moral-stand’ on this critical verge of humanitarian emergency….?”

“How many kids and toddlers are still awaited to be dealt with as ‘farm-animals’– being mercilessly kicked and prodded as waste-ruggers…?”

O’ fellow beings, it’s not but a definitive ‘LITMUS TEST’ for all of us – for the ‘ultimate’ sense of humaneness – if we do have it at all!

We have to stand up now, for a ‘principal resolve’ of the ‘Rohingya’s Humanitarian Crisis’ as a ‘Moral Imperative’—if not a legal requisite..!

“And, if by now, we fail, therefore, to respond at this vulnerable hour, or if the global community continues to shy away from taking a ‘moral stand’, then, there can be no more justifiable reason for the pursuit of a humane society or for persisting and sticking to even the least realms of humaneness….!”

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